„The rare form of Pyrite minerals, the unique style of its polygonal and glossy appearance was love at first sight."

These minerals from Spain had inspired Dorka Wessely, the founder, owner and designer of Wessely Jewel to create her Pyrite collection. As the name of the collection foreshadows, the Pyrite stone is in the limelight of these jewelries. These minerals are rough and they are not modified during their processing and production. In such a way, Dorka mounts the power that lies in the nature, in these eternal pieces of jewelries.


The mineral Pyrite also known as Fool’s Stone because its delusive, gold-like shine. Not only because of its appearance it is a unique mineral, but also has a therapeutic effect. It has beneficial effects on the bones, stimulates cell formation, helps to the lungs, relieves asthma and strengthens the digestive system. The Pyrite stone dispels the anxiety and frustration, meanwhile increases self-esteem and confidence. It helps women to overcome subordinate, minority complexes. It is able to enhance mental activity by stimulating the brain's blood supply and develops memory. Increases your energy and helps eliminate fatigue.

In this jewelry collection, natural and artificial surfaces are mixed together. After carving and reworking on the wax-based shape, with the insertion of the Pyrite mineral, the sleek and the rough surface become in accordance with each other. In this way by following the style of the stone, it highlights the Pyrite itself, and gives uniqueness and peculiarity to its pieces of the collection.

Each piece is handcrafted, from Pyrite rings via the bracelets to the medals. Since every mineral is different, there are no two identical rings, bracelets or pendants. The jewelries are made of double-layered 14-carat gold or rhodium (platinum) plated brass.




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