The bracelets and earrings of the Rock collection are characterized by the different shapes of therapeutic minerals and crushed glass. In this collection, the game of contrasts between natural and rough surfaces is also a vital element of the design process. When crafting the Wessely Jewel’s Rock bracelets, Dorka places the minerals in the base bracelet - which are already molded and treated non-ferrous metals – then she fixes these minerals with the same color resin. The difficulty of the process in fact, that these tiny puzzle-like minerals are inserted one by one, resulting a lengthy process.

The earrings of the Rock collection are similarly made; the only difference is using crushed glass or crushed mirrors instead of minerals, and in such a way the special compositions of these sculptural carving-like surfaces are being achieved - which are already the trademarks of the Wessely brand.


Behind the different colored bracelets, there are different minerals.

Lapis lazuli: The stone of truth.

Lapis lazuli or lapis for short is a deep blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color. It has a stress-relieving effect, eliminates depression, strengthens the immune system, and energizes the body. Balancing the function of the glands, it is best for the thyroid gland and for the throat. Long-term wearing, lowering high blood pressure and calming the heart. It gives to its owner confidence and better communication skills to have. It is a strong spiritual stone - accelerates our spiritual development and can be a useful companion during meditation. A protective mineral, which keeps negative energies away from the person who wears it.


Turquoise: The stone of faith.

The Turquoise presents destiny. One of the most powerful healing minerals. Provides comfort and prosperity for the soul and body. It is a stone of protection and has been used as an amulet since human memory. It is believed to change the color if there is threat or infidelity. The Turquoise is a cleansing stone at the same time. Dispels negative energy, cleans electromagnetic smog, and protects against environmental contamination. Psychological effect: strengthening stone. It abolishes the tendency to martyrdom or self-regulation. It gives inner peace, while still helping to be very vigilant and creative. It eliminates mood swings and encourages romantic love.

Coral: The gem of spiritual harmony.

Coral's effects include power and energy, which fills the body. Coral has been known since ancient times and we like to wear it, as well. Helps blood formation and creates balance in the body. Removes the concerns, calms the soul. It has a beneficial effect on cholesterol, veins, and relieves the fever. It stimulates the digestion, the liver and the lymphatic system. It supports the thymus and memory. In addition to the aesthetic value of Coral, it also has a significant spiritual effect. As it lives in depths of the sea, it carries its tranquility, endless beauty and power. Depending on its color, according to the crystal medicine, it has different functions; white coral removes the problems, helps clean and positive thinking, while the pink coral is useful for revitalizing and retaining femininity, pure and gentle emotions. It is believed to protect them from envy, negative emotions or even jealousy.

Hematite: This mineral enhances the willpower, gives confidence, gives courage and gives protection to its wearer.

It not only gives confidence but also enriches individuality. The Hematite gives power and strength to its wearer. It builds the body, especially a weakened body needs it; helps recovery and healing after serious illnesses. It helps heal the wounds; even burns can heal faster with its aid. It also improves irregular menstruation. Excellent for alleviating fatigue during pregnancy. Using hematite can improve our quality of life and increase our vitality.

Onyx: the stone of power.

The Onyx is a mental enhancer that cushions the overwhelming fears and worries. It gives us the invaluable ability to make wise choices and support logical thinking. It enhances our concentration and consciousness. It can be a great help to unstable people because it balances the flow of energy in the body. Strong protective minerals, which keep away the negative entities. Enhance vitality, endurance and provides support in stressful situations. It helps to bring out the old pains that can be eliminated by the crystalline therapy applied to the physical body. Onyx strengthens teeth and bones and benefits bone marrow.

Howlite: The stone of calm.

It confronts the chaos of my thoughts. It helps to put order. It helps me to reconcile with myself so I can explore the values of myself. Also known as Magnesite mineral, which was discovered in the 18th century. Thanks to the content of magnesium, it relieves the spasmodic headache and soothes the body. It has a fat burning effect, as it speeds fat metabolism in your body, so it can be a vital help to dieters. It helps absorb magnesium, maintains calcium balance in the body and can be used with sickness. Detoxifies the body and neutralizes body odor.





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