Tűsarok Orosz Barbarával - Interview with Wessely Dorka

Interview with Wessely Dorka, the founder and designer of Wessely Jewel in the television program 'Tűsarok Orosz Barbarával' on Channel TV2. - Video in Hungarian

Taxi Magazine - Top level fashion from the three graces

From a dream of three young designers, ZIA showroom became alive in the heart of the city, at Galamb Street 9. Anett Csizmazia, Molnár Nini and Dorottya Wessely offer hight street style premium items to fashion sensitive buyers at affordable prices. Custom-made clothes, bags and jewelries are sold by them, the designers are welcoming and assisting to select a piece. A designer boutique of this kind is a novelty on Budapest's fashion map, which is not only a one-season trendy collection, but it offers cult, stylish and eternal pieces. - Article in Hungarian

Hungarian designers - Wessely Jewel by Loretta Horvath
Last week I met with Dorka Wessely because we discussed at the showroom opening party that she will give me an interview. It's been a week ago and I was so glad to see her again. She is a soulful, natural and strong-minded girl who loves her work. - Article in Hungarian

She.hu - Milan feeling in a showroom in Budapest by Antonia Horvath

Recently I have been in Milan, where the city center is full of tiny boutiques, where you can get important information from first hand of the designer about the products, as he or she usually sells them. But fortunately, we can run into these kind of boutiques in Budapest as well, such as ZIA showroom. - Article in Hungarian

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